Andrew Garfield steals sighs with his last compliment for Emma Stone

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone maintained a medieval engagement for three years before officially ending their relationship in 2015, however, both have shown in several interviews that there are still strong feelings between them. Andrew has recently been promoting his latest film, Breathe, while Emma has been supporting her new project, Battle of the Sexes.

Andrew Garfield Emma Stone

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were one of our favorite couples. Both these actors were the lead in “The Amazing Spiderman” and they got close to each other. They started dating each other and their relationship got a lot of media attention too, but they broke up in 2015.

The latest romantic statement has been given by the Spiderman performer, and fans of the couple could not be more enthusiastic about the possibility of a reconciliation between them.

Andrew is currently promoting his new movie Breathe and coincidentally, Emma is also premiering with Battle of the Sexes.

On Monday night at the Breathe premiere, Andrew praised the movie as well the the the actual story of Robin and Diana Cavendish he want to display. It is story from around the era of 1950’s when Diana Cavendish dtruggles, but never loses hope when Robin is infected with Polio and becomes completely immovable under neck.

This time, during the premiere of Breathe, Andrew made plain his clear admiration for his beautiful ex – girlfriend when asked about the interpretation of Emma Billie Jean King: “I have not seen but I’m excited to do it.
I can only support her, I’m her biggest fan.”, he told E! News and denied that there is any rivalry now that share the billboard.

There are lot of good things that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have said about each other since their separation from 2015.

He was questioned by one of the reported about if there was any friendly rivalry between the two since both the actors are doing a movie which is based on a real story. In reply, Andrew laughed and denied any such thing.

The couple was the envy of all, and fortunately for the fans, they did not stop talking warmly about each other after their separation. Andrew gave Emma a standing ovation when she won the Golden Globe for Best Actress for La Land. In other words, it does not appear that their friendship between Emma and Andrew or mutual support will disappear anytime soon

On his latest project, Andrew talked about why he was so drawn to the script in the first place.

“I read it and I cried without stopping, but it was a happy cry. It was that kind of safe, joyous life, life is so short and we are all here for such a short time. How do we take advantage of this miracle? he explained. “And I think Robin and Diana Cavendish had a response on how to make life meaningful and full of joy and spirit. It was a no-brainer for me to do this.”

For some months the rumor has circulated that the couple has been dating for romantic intentions. According to The Elle online magazine, Emma has been making several trips to London to see Garfield perform in her Angels in America. She has seen the show several times and supposedly “always” visits the backstage: “They have even been escaping through the back door of the theater holding hands,” a source close to the actor told the newspaper last August.

What do you think, are Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield close to reconciliation?

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