Blake Lively mocked Ryan Reynolds on his birthday

Having a humor in a relationship makes it fun. One such example is of Blake Lively, who is married to Ryan Reynolds, an actor who never hesitate and share fun picture on his social networks. Few Hollywood marriages have as much sense of humor as the one made up of actress Blake Lively and actor Ryan Reynolds.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Together for several years, they often use social networks to make fun of each other, and something like this happened on October 23, date on which the protagonist of Deadpool turned 41 years.

Yesterday, the protagonist of ‘Deadpool’ turned 41, and his wife wished him a happy birthday on Instagram with a very special photo. To congratulate him, Lively went up in Instgram with a very special greeting, but with an interesting detail: she cut half from the photo of her husband, to leave Ryan Gosling in the central place. The text “Happy Birthday, baby” was accompanying a photo of Ryan Gosling. Next to him Reynolds is seen cut.

Happy Birthday, baby.

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Why has Blake lively trolled Ryan Reynolds and shared this photo of the protagonist of ‘Deadpool’?Actually that joke is an ingenious response to a joke that Reynolds had already committed on his wife’s birthday where he uploaded his image with Blake seen half on his Instagram account. The taunt in the form of an image was due to Blake’s revenge on her husband.

Happy Birthday to my amazing wife.

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Last August, when Lively turned 30, his partner shared a photo of the two. Well, more or less, because whoever is seen in the image is Ryan Reynolds, and she, the protagonist of the day, was cut off. And that was a congratulation “Happy birthday to my wonderful woman”, you can read in the publication. You can see that image here:

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Married Life

Once again, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds demonstrate that they built the perfect Hollywood family, and they do everything possible to make sure they are always with their daughters, even in spite of their complicated recording schedules. This was revealed by the actress, who assures that she and her husband watch that their schedules do not overlap and usually travel with their kids to the recordings they must make. Lively told People in an interview the secret to her happy marriage:

“My husband and I do not work at the same time, so we go together as a family. We are never separated for more than a day, we stay together.”

For example, Lively and her two daughters, Ines (1 year old) and James (2 years old), traveled to Vancouver with Reynolds for Deadpool recordings .

Lively also kept her family together during the recordings of her most recent project, All I See Is You, which began four months after she had her youngest daughter. And despite the complicated situation, she finds balance to her role as a mother with her acting career. Blake sought that the newborn was always with her, sometimes even on the set, so as not stay separately.

“I’m not in an office where I can not do that, so either he’s with me or, when I shoot a scene, he’s a room away,” she told People . “If he need me, I can go quickly.”

Speaking with Glamor, Lively explained how they manage to make this family dynamic work.

“What fulfills my husband is our family, after knowing that, everything else is secondary. Each one of us has renounced something that we love so as not to work at the same time.”

Now Blake has taken the revenge of that past fun insult. The couple met rolling during the filming of ‘Green Lantern’ in 2011, they married in 2012 and have two daughters. Reynolds will be seen next year in ‘Deadpool 2’, and Lively is due to release ‘All I See Is You’.

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