The Crazy Interview of Jennifer Lawrence with Kim Kardashian

The actress, who replaced Jimmy Kimmel for one night in his show, took the opportunity to ask all kinds of things to the media millionaire, Kim Kardashian.

Jennifer Lawrence is a declared fan of the reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and while replacing Jimmy Kimmel in her late night show for one night , she took the opportunity to interview Kim, the eldest of the sisters who make a television show of her daily life.

Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian interview

The protagonist of ‘The Hunger Games’ debuted as a presenter on Thursday on the program ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’. The presenter is absent from the small screen after the surgery to which his son was subjected.

The news of the interview was spread through Kimmel’s Facebook page with a photo showing the two celebrities posing for the promotion of the program that was broadcast on Thursday, November 2.

In the ‘selfie’ you can see the two Hollywood figures smiling at the camera. The image published on the social network achieved thousands of reactions in just minutes.

“Kanye West [Kim’s husband] and you throw gas in the presence of the other? They talk about farts?” Was one of Lawrence’s crazy questions, to which the millionaire, surprised replied: “I do not shot farts, what are you talking about? ”

Later on, she asked him if his sister Khloe thought it would be good for her to be “tough” when commenting on her style. Kim replied that it is true that she is a bit clumsy with her sister, but in spite of that she loves the way she is.

In addition, Lawrence asked her if ever a former partner cheated on her, to which Kim nodded and explained that she discovered hacking cell phone with a trick that allowed her to access his voice messages: “I was going to see another girl. He lied that I was in another city on my birthday.”

Lawrence, with surprise, said: “Oh, my God, it’s like a Taylor Swift song!” The reference to the singer is due to the fact that the bad relationship that the media and Swift have maintained for years is known.

“If you were on a desert island with all the members of your family who would kill the last one?” Was the next question. Kim replied: “To my children.” “Oh no, I forgot the children, now I feel guilty, but if you had to kill a child, what would it be?” Joked the actress who clarified that she only referred to the Kardashian sisters. “It could be Khlo√©, because I feel that she could kill me,” she said.

Among several question, the interview hinted that Kim always sleeps with stockings and that her husband Kanye is able to literally fall asleep anywhere. In addition, Lawrence said she got drunk at a dinner party with Kim, his mother and Kanye. Kim said that Lawrence got into his closet, got undressed and asked Kanye to choose an outfit.

At the time, Lawrence said that “the role she had to assume was so demanding that he had to find a way to relax by watching Kim Kardashian’s reality show and his family.”

The actress of ‘Mockingjay’ asked several questions to the eccentric Kardashian, about her family, children and husband, “What is the weirdest thing he does?”, To which Kim replied “He can sleep anywhere.”

“What about the ex?” Jennifer asked Kim if she kept the number of some past love on her phone, to which Kim replied that she saved “One! He is super friendly, he lives right across the street from Kourtney. We never really talk, but it’s familiarly nice. I went to his wedding.”

The absence of Jimmy Kimmel to his nightly program on American TV has led to other Hollywood figures temporarily occupying his space. Thanks to Jennifer Lawrence and all the fun jokes that she asked to Kim.

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