Orlando Bloom: Actor is in the Search For a New Wife

After his brief but totally burning relationship with Katy Perry, the English-born actor Orlando Bloom, seems to be willing to resume his love life with a new girl. This was made clear in a recent interview with Extra, a journalistic medium where Bloom desperately said that he needs a new wife.

Orlando Bloom

During the interview with Extra, the journalist in charge of the note was approached by Orlando about the pin that the reporter was wearing in the suit. The reporter replied that the accessory was a gift from his wife and he adored it a lot.

“See? I need a woman. Can you get me one? I want a wife. That’s what I’m looking for, a woman who gets me a pin like that,”

said the actor.

It seems that Orlando Bloom feels lonely after his breakup with Katy Perry and had no problem confessing it to a reporter interviewing him. He said he needed a wife. And the fans have gone crazy with the statement, of course.

As these statements become known, fans of ‘Legolas’ have gone crazy and their social networks have caught fire. That is why we have selected some photographs where you can appreciate the best face of Orlando as a person, father and future husband. Well that there is no better proof than the photos of a public profile to perhaps know better the future companion.

Analyzing his Instagram we see that he wants to show everyone how good a candidate for a husband he is by showing how he works with the son he had with Miranda Kerr.

Orlando Bloom Instagram

Come on, the typical photos that people hang on Tinder when they wants to show their positive and cute side. The truth is that the anecdote of the interview with Extra makes clear the sentimental moment that the actor lives.

Orlando Bloom admired the pin that the reporter was wearing in the suit, he replied that it was a gift from his wife and he confessed how much he adored her. “I want a wife, I want a wife, that’s what I’m looking for, a woman who can get me a pin like that.” Adorable, right?

Rumors of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom relationship

Katy Perry (33) is on top in the work, although personally is much quieter. The singer is now a judge on the show ‘American Idol’ and on Witness World Tour.

The interpreter of ‘Roar’ is taken with humor when asked by his sentimental state. Katy has stated exclusively to ‘ET’ :

“I am a little immature of heart! I am a little more mature … single!” And she continues: “When you’re single, you have plenty of time for yourself and a lot of energy and I’m finding balance.”

As the singer herself laughs, she recognizes that her boys (“American Idol” comrades Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan) “are taking a great weight off.”

So are Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are already just friends?

They raise suspicions after their last beach meeting in California. There is still nothing confirmed, but the truth is that we could be facing a possible reconciliation after these months of estrangement between the singer and the actor.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have spent the day together in the hometown of Katy, Santa Barbara, California. After their breakup in February of this year, there have been several reunions the pair has had until now. The last, Labor Day in the United States where they have enjoyed a day at the beach.

A source close to the couple says they are talking about resuming their relationship. This time could be the definitive and that everything goes on wheels. “Katy and Orlando are back together, they never stopped loving each other, both are working to get it right this time, ” the source said.

After these months of rupture or rest, it appears that the couple has decided to give themself a second chance and again start this relationship. Hopefully they will surprise us with good news soon.

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