This is How Zac Efron Got His Body to Shoot ‘Baywatch’

The muscles that the actor Zac Efron shines in Baywatch provoke sighs among the women and are the envy of many men, but to show off that sculptural body the actor had to undergo a rigorous diet for 12 weeks.

Zac Efron baywatch body

Zac Efron height is around 5 feet, 8 inches and with it his toned body made him look the sexiest man on earth. In his diet he left out processed products, fats and sugar, as he only ate organic products and lean proteins, such as egg whites, chicken and turkey without skin, as well as fish and organic green leaves.

Whey protein supplements supplemented his diet. Very important, he drank almost three liters of water a day.

But to get that muscle, he also had to exercise. Efron performed intense exercise and physical conditioning routines through crossfit, which helped him shape his arms, abdomen, legs, back, shoulders and chest.

Coach Patrick Murphy helped Efron sculpt his body, as he did with Eva Longoria, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lawrence.

The trainer of Zac Efron, Patrick Murphy, has revealed to the magazine Men’s Fitness everything that the actor did to build a muscular physique.

The reality is that Zac Efron had never been so strong and with hardly any body fat until he had to shoot the film ‘Baywatch’.

Therefore, Men’s Fitness magazine has been interested in how he managed to get that great physicist for the film, interviewing his personal trainer Patrick Murphy, also in charge of “shaping” many other celebrities.

“I gave him my twenty years of experience.” First of all, and according to the trainer, Zac Efron did strength training. “When you put your muscles to the limit, they are able to bring out their full potential,” said Murphy.

Zac Efron fitness

“I used a scientific approach, and this gave us great results. I had him implement exercises (that is, movements that create fundamental force, such as push-ups, Romanian one-leg deadlifts, and shoulder presses), so that he could later participate in more powerful exercises involving strength, power, and fast-twitch fibers. “, The coach mentions.

“In essence, it was a diet of whole foods. Efron stayed away from all kinds of highly refined and processed foods. He could eat brown rice, but not brown rice pasta. The same with fruit. He could eat an apple, but not apple juice. ”

Vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean protein. Thus the actor managed to change his physique and become, practically, a model of fitness. The nuts gave him enough energy and healthy fats, and on the other hand, he used protein sources like chicken, eggs and meat. The avocado also had a primordial hole in his diet. As for fruit and vegetables, what they consumed the most were apples, pears or red fruits.

Kelly Rohrbach on Zac Efron’s Body

Zac Efron has revealed all the details of how he got in shape to record Baywatch, but now his co-star Kelly Rohrbach decided to tell the things he did on the set so as not to lose his physical condition while recording the movie.

The 27-year-old actress chatted with E! News in the first SlowMo marathon and admitted that the cast, especially Efron, had to stay healthy throughout the filming process.

“It was the most sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free set I’ve ever been in my life,” she said with a laugh. “I tried to strain M & Ms , hoping nobody would see me.”

She also said that Efron helped everyone to motivate themselves.

“Everybody worked so hard in this movie, when they said ‘cut’ in one scene, Zac would throw himself on the floor to do 50 push-ups, he was so disciplined,” he revealed. “Obviously you want to look good for the movie, but it was to get into the mindset of the characters.”

In fact, Rohrbach followed a lifeguard before recording the film so he could get into the shoes of his character. “[The lifeguards] are very fit, they are like triathletes,” she shared.

Meanwhile, Efron says that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was the motivation for his steel abs.

“Everyone wants to know the secrets, the tricks,” he told E! News “For this role, it was just commitment, it was a lot of character, acting, I had to be up to date.”

In addition to motivating themselves to be in shape, Rohrbach admitted that she would like to play the role of matchmaker for Efron. “Sure, I have some friends,” she said. “But I would have to ask them first.”

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